Sedating koi

I've been using clove oil, and when Bob(kayoss) came over to give me a hand, he wasn't impressed with it at all!I think he uses the 2-phenoxyethanol which, having seen it in use, is better imo.We often undergo medical procedures that require an anaesthetic.If correctly administered, we will recover and feel groggy for a while until our liver and kidneys remove what they call a hostile and unwelcome chemical from our bodies.Fill a suitable bowl with enough water to cover the fish. Add measured dosage of Koi Sedate, and aerate with an air stone. To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here.There isn't a direct answer to a question like this but I can give you an analogy.

Starting dose 10 ml to 2 gallons of pond water in a suitable bowl.Then add extra Kusuri Masuizai Koi Sedate as required as temperature plays a big role in fish sedation.Having said that Kusuri Masuizai Koi Sedate is safe to use at any temperature.Dave If you have to sedate a koi many times it is worth reducing the amount of sedative you use, it is surprising how little you can get away with, although it does depend on the koi as each one is different.i was looking for a sedative, my local dealer as nt labs koi calm, but i noticed it needs to be used up by 6 weeks after opening the bottle, which i think is a waste of time as it will only be needed once in a while.